Monday, December 10, 2012

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Like a Weed

The flower, not the boy.


This isn’t much to look at, without the back story. Davin grew this flower from a seed, over 1 year ago! His first grade class grew them from seeds, in paper cups. Once they were rooted, they brought them home. Needless to say, the waxy, paper cup didn’t last long. I transplanted it into its own pot. It continued to grow. It had two separate stems, the longest one was over a foot long. Everything was going great. Was.


Out of the blue, it just started to die. I hadn’t changed anything in regards to watering, light or temperature. So I have no idea what happened. As it lay there, on its deathbed, I decided not to bury it. Instead, I uprooted it, cut it back, and put it a jar of water. After about 3 weeks, it started growing new roots. Within about 2 weeks of their starting growth, they grew over 4 inches! And here we are, about a month and half later. Our first bloom!


Now, I just have to hope that it can withstand being re-planted, again. We’ll see?


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