Thursday, November 29, 2012

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To The Right

Now lean left.


Composition. Is there a right or wrong way? If you answered no, then you need to take my photography class. Of course there’s a right and wrong way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t break the rules…once you know what the rules are. Just like anything else, there are rules in photography. Learn them, and you’ll be a better a photographer. Learn to creatively break them, and you’ll stand out from the rest.


Composition is such a simple rule to learn. And simple to follow. But once you’re comfortable with it, get naked in public get uncomfortable with it. Don’t just grab the shot and take off. Take the time to look around. Move to the left or right. See if there’s a better angle. If it’s down low, get on your belly and shoot upwards. You want your viewers to see something special.


I’m not going to get into composition do’s and don’ts. <----- I don’t know how to spell don’ts? The rules of composition is a whole different post. That I probably won’t do. So for now, look at what a difference subtle adjustments in position can do for your composition.





Do you take the time to look for a better angle? That doesn’t mean to take 638 pictures of the same thing. It means to take the time to really look at what you’re shooting, before you push the button.


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