Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Like an unwound clock.


Is it bad timing when you miss a shot? Or is it just luck when it actually get the one you didn’t plan on? Either way, I missed this one. I shot this at 200mm, so I was pretty dang far away. As I’m driving toward the birds, there’s a small child, running around, with all of these birds just going crazy! Like coo-coo crazy, just feet off the ground! I slammed on the brakes, grabbed the camera, and…he was done. The birds landed. The kid left. I lost. The end.


So I present to you, my newest piece of art: Birds On The Ground. <----- catchy, right? pfft… Maybe next time?


Have you ever missed the shot? You can not answer yes, if you didn’t have a camera with you. No camera…too bad!


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