Thursday, November 15, 2012

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For Legos.


Well, I like Legos. What about you? The kiddo brought home a project, due tomorrow. Very simple, cute little project. The teacher (who is super duper amazing!) sent home a plastic grocery bag. The students have to return it tomorrow, with something in it they were thankful for. Cute, right!


Of course, our little man wasn’t thankful for just one thing. But he was pretty set on putting a family picture in that bag. No problem. Unless you’re a photographer…and all your family pictures around the house are the size of small tables. LIGHT-BULB! That’s what Gru, from Despicable Me, says when he has an idea. Yes, I quoted a cartoon. I thought, why not let him share all of his items?


This is Davin’s “Thankful” item. Hey, it fits in the bag; it’s an item!


Today, I am thankful that we have such a kind, caring, and considerate young man.


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