Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Step Up Your Tree Game

Ladders up. Chutes down. Okay, we got no chutes.


But we do have an antique ladder Christmas Tree! I love it! Love. It.! We made our Christmas Tree last year, and loved how personal it was. Not that we didn’t want to use it again, we just wanted something different. Okay, I wanted something different.



The thing I love most about it, is the fact that it’s 100% ours. I’m not saying nobody has ever done it before, but I’ve never seen one. This came right out of my little pea-pod brain.

tree multi002


Last year, we used burlap for the tree skirt. This year, we thought it needed some color. So what’s the perfect match for an old ladder? A painters drop cloth! I hung it up out back, and let Davin decorate it with acrylic paint.

tree multi001


A few bonus pictures. Yes, I’m proud.



Every year, we let Davin choose his own personal ornament for the tree. Past ornaments have included a video game controller, fire truck, and a nutcracker, to name a few. But this year, he picked the most awesome ornament. He’s going to be a big brother two days after Christmas, and he’s obviously proud. Yeah, we’re pretty proud of him as well!

tree multi003


I know a lot of people will never stray from a live tree, simply for the smell. Hello modern day inventions! Today, there are candles that smell exactly like a fresh pine tree. With that said, would you ever consider doing some crazy tree, like one of ours?


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