Sunday, November 25, 2012

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A little bit of dog love.


Today was another family portrait session, for some great friends. I decided to take the whole family, including our newest member, Rueger. No, we didn’t get rid of Nico, we just gave him a new identity. We were pretty amazed at how he took to his new name. He responded from the very first time we called him by it.


The drive was a windy, mountain road. Poor Rueger didn’t quite make it to our destination; he lost his breakfast. Know what I mean? Anyways…he was a hit with our friends and their kids. He kept us all entertained. At some point, while I was taking pictures, I think they tried to swap families with me? It was a mix-and-match kinda thing. See the picture.


I’m thankful for such a great family, and friends as wonderful as these.


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