Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Scratch That

So simple. So effective.


You know when you’ve got that stuck on gunk, that just won’t come off. What do you do? Reach for the closest spatula. Right? Right? I’m not the only one? Right? Dishes. I’m talking dishes, folks. Ewww…Go see a doctor.


Well no more! I introduce to you, The Scraper! Say that in a deep voice - THE SCRAPER! Now, scrape that gunk away. And do it without scratching your precious metals or ruining a precious spatula.


You can see in the picture, the edges are actually rounded, so they scrape, not scratch. I used one tonight, and it had no problems tackling melted cheese on a round pizza pan.

If you wanna know if you’re scraping right, it should look something like this.



So did you know they had these? No you didn’t. Don’t lie!


Tracy said... [Reply]

I did *not*! But now I *do*!

Tracy said... [Reply]

I did *not*! But now I *do*!

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