Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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New Life

In harsh times.


The desert is just weird. Really. The way things grow, or die. Weird.


I had a whole that the dogs had dug in the back yard. And I just happened to have some really old potting soil that was headed for the trash. Sooo…why not fill up a hole? Oh, and there just happened to be a few packets of mixed flower seeds laying around. Sooo…why not add them to the potting soil? Yeah, well, I did.



Filled the hole. Got the potting soil good and wet, and dumped the seeds in. This was a week ago. In our harsh back yard. No water. No fertilizer. Sudden freezing temperatures. Short days. All that bad stuff. Yet, today, there is life. I am amazed, and thankful. Life of all kinds fascinates me. Especially how things and people can adapt and overcome. Will these little seedlings make it through the winter? I don’t know. But we’ll find out.



Hopefully, I’m not blogging about this spot again this spring, and showing you my magnificent crop of weeds. While I’m not sure about the blooms in the first two pictures, I’m pretty sure that the last one is actually flowers. What kind? No idea.


Anybody have any gardening tips for our crazy desert?


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