Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Halloween 2012

He’s mad. MAD I tell you!

Okay. Maybe all three of us are just a bit off? A bit? hahaha!

Look at our Mad Scientist! Costume idea, once again, belongs to Davin. Just like last year, he chose early, and he stuck to it. He knew this was what he wanted to be for Halloween. He tells me he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. First, don’t grow up. Second, don’t grow up. Third, is there a tutor in the house?


halloween multi


Wanna talk costume? Good, me too. The lab coat was a totally lucky score at the local Goodwill…$3! The goggles are from Walmart. I just used permanent marker to color them black and silver. The gloves are also from Walmart. A little ton of gel in his hair, then some white, Halloween hair spray paint. What is that stuff? A white eyeliner pencil did the trick for his eyebrows and the moustache. Love how the mustache pulls the old, crazy guy look together.



The candy bucket was one of my favorite things. Because now it’s full of candy, duh. Davin wanted his candy bucket to match his outfit. Sooo…Walmart Dad to the rescue. An ordinary, round plastic, drinking pitcher. I tossed the lid, cut the handle off, sanded, poked some holes in the sides, ran a ribbon through the holes for a handle, and marked some measurements on the front. Instant scientist beaker! Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself for that one. Before we went out candy hoarding trick-or-treating, we connected several long glow sticks together, and taped them inside the beaker in a spiral shape. Made for a cool looking accessory, and really glowed. He filled that thing TO THE TOP! He’s now part of the 1 Gallon Club.



Oh…I can’t forget his creation. The little pet monster around his neck. We cut, broke, glued, sawed, burned, melted, and screwed, to make this cool mad scientist creation. The other side actually looks cooler.



Don’t forget about the adults. Notice, I said adults, not grown ups. Our costumes were last minute ideas. Mine is a repeat. I know some of you are saying “repeat”? Yep, that means I’ve already dawned this ensemble for another photo. Sicily’s costume, hot off the press straight out of our living room. What’s more attractive than a pregnant woman? A psycho pregnant woman with the baby tearing its way out of the womb, of course. Do I even need to mention that she did her own makeup? Nope.


We had another wonderful kick ass Halloween. We’re so happy we got to share it with so many of our loved ones, friends and family alike. Thank you!



Renee said... [Reply]

Love it!!!

Rob Sarge said... [Reply]

Wonderful!! What a FAMILY photo, Frame it! Hope y'all had a great Halloween! Look forward to your shots Jake! Dottie & I are still laughing!

Nancy said... [Reply]

OMG! I love Davin's costume. I can't wait until my kids can better voice what they want to be and I can create! Do you have pics of his lit up beaker?

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