Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Light up the World

A DIY globe lamp.


Another quickie. Take a globe, cut it in half, cut a hole in the top with a hole saw, add cord, hang. Done.



I was originally going to paint the inside white to help give off more light, but I like the warm tones it gives without the added paint. So, cardboard wins.


Cutting it in half wasn’t the easiest thing. I tried for about 15 minutes with an Exacto; no love. So I grabbed my Dremel and a cutting disk. That kind of worked. What I didn’t know, is that there was a 1/4” thick cardboard piece inside, holding the two halves together. Once I had cut through the globes shell, all I had to do was gently squeeze it together to pop it apart. Once apart, I lightly sanded the edges, then cut a hole in the top. The globe was a thrift find. You can see it here, before I cut it up.


Pretty non-typical décor. Could you find a spot in your house for something like this?


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