Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Etsy Gift Cards!

I recently opened my Etsy Shop. Yep. Only took me 147 years to get around to it. Don’t judge. The point is, it’s open! I’m adding new prints and trinkets regularly.



And how about this coolness. Any size framed prints! You pick the print, and the frame, in the size you want.

lightning001 8x12 frame


Now, I know you want to buy something from my shop. But you don’t want anyone to know how self centered and greedy you are. Right? So tell that special someone to buy you an Etsy Gift Card! That way, you get exactly what you want! And don’t worry, I like you just the way you are.


With Christmas just around the corner…oh yeah, only 55 days left…you better get busy shopping! And Etsy is so convenient. Browse (my shop). Find what you want to buy (from my shop). Add items (lots of them from my shop) to your cart. Checkout. Then just sit back and wait.


If you are local, in Ridgecrest, CA, contact me prior to ordering. I will create a custom listing for you, with NO shipping cost! But you have to contact me first.


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