Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Kitchen Color

Okay. Lots of color.


So this whole process has been a slow, painful, nightmare. Said it before, I’ll say it again, “I’m crafty. But I’m no carpenter.” This is totally a learn as you go process. Now here’s the real catch. Do I do it all myself, maybe even only half ass, cause that’s the best I can? Or…do I not do it at all. Paying someone is 100% not an option. So, I opted to do it myself. And I made up my mind that it wouldn’t be perfect. I’m okay with that. I completely hate it. But I’m learning to accept it.

Here’s a hideous before. Okay, so it’s still hideous, but at least now I can see ahead. I look at it a lot like my photography, I try to vision the final product before I ever start. Before I push that shutter button, I have an idea of what the final image will look like. Or at least, what I want it to look like. That’s pretty much the same thing here. I’m sure it’s hard to see the future (of my kitchen) with so much half-assedness going on. But…I can see it.


As you can see, there is still tons to do! TONS! But I’m getting there. Eventually…well here’s a list:

  • All the cabinets will be painted white.
  • Countertops will get replaced.
  • Tile backsplash. Full of color(s) of course.
  • Appliances…not talking about those right now.
  • New floor.
  • New window dressing.
  • Finish and paint ceiling. (yes I should have done that first. whatever)
  • New pendant light above the sink.
  • Replace ceiling trim around lights.


So…how ‘bout them shelves? Huh? Huh? Yes. I. Am. Proud!

I made them from 2x12” pine. Brand new pine! Really. My goal was make them look aged. How’d I do? The “stain” is actually a mixture of vinegar and steel wool. Yep. No true stain. I beat the shit out of each shelf with a hammer, chain, screwdriver, whatever. Then, I sanded. And sanded some abnormalities into them. Hopefully that helped with the aged look? Once the stain was dry, each shelf got 2 coats of Deft, Semi-Gloss.


See those cook books? They are hiding our modem and wireless router inside. Another post for that one.


And of course, looking at these pictures reminded me that I need to cover all the screws on the shelf brackets with some white paint.

So what say you? Cupboards or open faced shelving?


Mel said... [Reply]

Jake, I love the color of the walls. LOVE! I'm always impressed by your handy work (even if you aren't).

As for the vote on the cabinets? I love the look of the open shelves you added or the open-faced/no-door look. The problem is that I need my doors to hide things. Also, what about dust on clean dishes?

Mel said... [Reply]
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Nancy said... [Reply]

Beautiful work Jake! I like the open shelved look, but I couldn't do it right now. I need some pretty dishes first. My chipped, incomplete daily use set would not be nice to look at.

fittobetiedties said... [Reply]

I like a mix of open shelving with cabinets cause everybody has some ugly shit they need to hide!

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