Monday, June 4, 2012

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Sew Sew Sew Sew Sew


I say at least once a week, “I need to learn to sew”. Well, here’s my chance. And with a name like the Singer Simple, how hard could it be? Right?


And let’s take extra special note of the bottom catch …. Sewing Made Easy … Why not simple? I mean, it is the Singer Simple. Right?


So, into the instruction manual I go. Mind you, I have ZERO sewing knowledge. Okay. Two words: ZE - RO! But again, this is the Singer Simple! And inside the instruction manual, which by the way, DOES NOT TELL YOU HOW TO SEW, only how to set up the machine… I find this -

Drop the feed dogs. - Are you cussing kidding me???


Now, I don’t care where you’re from. A phrase like drop the feed dogs, might refer to hunting. Or even farming? Maybe even some ritualistic werewolf lingo. But sewing? REALLY?

Dear Singer, there were no dogs included with my SIMPLE sewing machine. I’m screwed! The end.


Hopefully, this will be my savior?



Do you know what that phrase means? No, don’t tell me. It doesn’t matter. Because as I said, my sewing machine did not come with feed dogs. I’m just curious.


M. Arnold said... [Reply]

Ok, I'm not a seamstress by any means but have been known to sew decent... Let me know if you need any pointers, I'm happy to share. Ironically, start "simple" :)

Chris said... [Reply]

LOL your machine did come with feed dogs - they are the funny little staggered lines things under the foot. You can drop them for free motion sewing. I would be surprised if you need to drop them to do normal sewing though... they help pull the material through...

Nicole said... [Reply]

I love it! I made a few pieces of clothing in high school Home Ec ... forced to wear them to school, too, for a grade. I kind of enjoy sewing, but my main 'sewing' involves a hot glue gun. My mom hangs her head in shame!

Nancy said... [Reply]

Haha, you are awesome for learning! I am a sewer too, nothing fancy: curtains and little things for my kids. I am hoping to get back in touch this summer and make a few dolly clothes for my toddler (!) since she has suddenly become enamored with her babies. And Chris is right, the feed dogs are under the presser foot and pull the fabric through the machine.
Good luck and if you have any questions I would love to try to help!

PS I have a few camera questions I will shoot you on G+, if you don't mind.

Lori C said... [Reply]

Yup, ^they're right, your feed dogs are the grippy things under the 'presser foot' (that thingy that holds down the fabric while you sew)Please watch the DVD, it should help! And btw, WHY are you looking at the directions for embroidering when you have never sewn??? I DON'T even know how to do that on a machine, and I've sewn all my life! You CAN sew, Jake, it's real easy once you learn your machine. Plus, you've got all of us ladies out here to help you out! :)

Jake Easley said... [Reply]

I know I replied to all the comments individually, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I don't have many readers, but I have the best!

Stacy said... [Reply]

i'm sure you figured it out by now.... but this made me laugh none the less.... can't wait to see what you sew! :) you're a man of many talents!

fittobetiedties said... [Reply] has feed dogs.....but this made me laugh...thank you.

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