Sunday, June 3, 2012

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Nature This, Bubbles That

Blowing bubbles, and exploring. That’s what we did yesterday.

Each time we go on a little outdoor adventure, I try to share or show Davin something new. We take the time to look up, lay down in the grass, and move stuff around. There is so much to see, if you just take the time.

First stop, a bit of posing for dad, of course.



We talked about the reflections in the bubbles.



We made some wishes,


and checked out some tiny bugs.



We explored some seed-pods dropped by a tree.



We stumbled on some remains and discussed what it may have been.



We found lots of owl droppings, and (with the help of a stick) discussed all the bones, and talked about owls.



And I even took time to take a couple photos with my trusty iPhone. Of course, we examined this dandelion closely, and talked about how “it works”.

iPhone + Photojojo Macro Lens + Camera+ + SnapSeed

12 - 1


Best of all, we spent some great time together. With only 4 days of school left, I plan on many more short, summer adventures, together.


Lori C said... [Reply]

OMG that kid is just too beautiful!! He really is! And do I see an 'accidental' selfie in that bubble reflection? :) Great pix, as usual!

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