Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Burlap and Seeds and Numbers

Oh my!

“Teachers help plant the seeds of the future.”

Good teachers need to be rewarded! Remember, some day your kids’ll be running shit!


This came from a little Pinterest inspiration, from here and here. I combined, changed, twisted and rewrote a thing. Or two. Davin’s teachers name is Mrs. Weisz. Since we didn’t have any letter buttons, we made her name out of numbers. I’m still not sold on it. But that’s what Davin wanted. And…it was his project. Found the buttons at Walmart. Just hot glued them on.



We spray painted a plain-jane pot. The inside and top, outer ring got the green. The rest, purple. Davin picked the colors. After the green dried, I taped off the top, and turned the pot upside down to apply the purple. The whole thing got a couple clear coats once the paint was dry.



We picked out 4 packets of flower seeds. All different sizes and colors. I cut burlap into four, 6” squares. We carefully measured dumped some potting soil on top of each piece of burlap. Then, we dumped one packet of seeds on each pile of soil. I just folded up the corners, and tied each one closed with some twine.



Since the flowers were all different, I wanted her to be able to identify them. A piece of craft paper, popsicle sticks, and bit of Photoshop. Ta-Da…seed packet labels. Oh…and a bunch of hand-cramping cutting with tiny scissors. Sure, I could have used the Silhouette, but this worked. I downloaded the neat little banners from Wee Birdy. Go check her blog!

No, they’re not perfect. Not like they would be from the Silhouette. But they are personal.



The neat thing about the seed packets is they can be planted directly in the ground. Yep. You just toss it in the ground where you want the flowers to grow, and they’ll grow right through the burlap. And of course, the burlap will deteriorate naturally.



I just realized that you can’t really see a picture of just the seed packets. If you want to see, make sure to check the Pinterest link above. Because that’s what they look like.


So that’s it. School’s out for summer. Do you have summer plans?


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This is a great project! Love it

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Burlap and Seeds and Numbers
Nice style! Good to see a talent at work. This has been really inspiring, thanks a lot!

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