Thursday, May 24, 2012

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From iPhone - To wall. FINALLY!!!


So I’ve had this idea in my head forever. And with a little inspiration, I finally did it. The frame is thrift. It needed some work on the corners. I recently Pinterested one of these ideas (which is what kicked me in the ass). Unlike my inspiration, I didn’t want bold, bright and perfectly straight. However, I do LOVE their frame! So instead, I dry brushed the paint onto the frame, and wiped off any excess with a wet rag.

This is the original frame.


The cute little clothes pins are paper clips. I bought them at Walmart almost 2 years ago! Yep. That’s how long I’ve been planning on doing this. sigh They got a quick coat of light blue, spray paint.

All ready for paint.


Time for assembly. I laid the frame on the ground, and dry fit the images in the frame. Once I knew where I wanted the pictures to go, I marked spots for all my screws. I used #6x1/2” screws. I wish I had searched for a better wire. But I didn’t. I wanted a thin wire that wouldn’t show up too much. This worked, but I wouldn’t use it again. Next time, I’ll use picture hanging wire. I just wrapped it tightly around once screw, stretched it across, pulled it taught, and tied it off.


Once it was on the wall, I just started clipping pictures on. Totally random. And yes, I know they’re crooked. I like it that way.



And here’s a close-up of the frame. The color of the frame matches the clothes pins. But it also matches all the vintage globes in the living room.



I love how flexible it is. The pictures can be easily changed. And they don’t all have to be square. I plan to swap out some Polaroid shots on there too. All the pictures being used right now, were taken and edited with my iPhone. And guess what? The prints were also ordered…yep…from my iPhone. I used the MoPho App. Amazing service and great quality prints! 4x4 prints are only $0.29 each!


Have you ever wondered what to do with all those pictures stuck on your mobile?


M.Arnold said... [Reply]

Alright, did you pin this already? Otherwise, I'm pinning this post! Great explanation of your process and love the outcome!

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said... [Reply]

Who wants to be square anyway? Round and crooked are much more fun...

Love it!

Lori C said... [Reply]

Love it too! Came out great!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Love it tooooo!

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