Saturday, May 12, 2012

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Lego Table

Hey, Lego my table. <----- yeah, not funny



So many Legos. So little space. Our boy has thousands of Legos. Yes, thousands! And in case you didn’t know, building Legos on carpet isn’t very fun at all. So, I set out to build him a table to play on. Sure, I could have bought one, for some ridiculously high price. I picked up the perfect table at a thrift shop for $10.


I made my own chalk paint with some gray oops paint. Here’s the table with the first coat. I used two coats. I didn’t worry about the middle, it would be covered. And I wanted the bare wood for the glue to stick to.



Next, I marked where the Lego boards would go. Then I applied a ton some Liquid Nails. I may not have used enough. But if they come up, it’s an easy fix. Once they were in place, I taped off an area, and used some black chalkboard paint. No pictures of those steps, pretty self explanatory. Finished table below.



Originally, I was going to cut holes in the extra space on the right, and put buckets or cups in them to hold Legos. But I went with a more portable solution for the Legos. Since we had some extra space to fill, I made it a fun space.



I covered the painted surface with two coats of Minwax wax. And finally, I added some casters to the legs. Freedom to move around! I had also planned to put a border around the edge of the table. I bought some 3/4 round from Home Depot. Let me tell you, not the right choice. But I have room to add something else in the future. These pictures are all in the living room. Of course, it’s going in his bedroom, but he has some cleaning to do first. So this is how it will look in his room.



Now, the nightmare… before…


All those Legos used to just wind up all over the house! Putting the table in his room unfinished, was no help. Fortunately, they have all been contained in separate buckets for a few weeks. He’s been really good about putting them away each time. And he plays with his Legos every day! I didn’t want to do the whole this color in this bucket thing. That’s too anal. I want him to create freely, and enjoy it. So we separated them more by type. But still completely random. Except for characters. All body parts and accessories have their own buckets.


Legos come in sets. Each set builds something specific. Well, as soon as he builds it, he pulls it apart, and uses the pieces to build his own creations. We LOVE that he does this! It really encourages him to use his imagination. But just in case, we keep all the instructions from the original sets inside a three ring binder.


And the Lego community rejoiced!!! Yeah. I’m their hero.


How do you store Legos?


Mel Rattanapote said... [Reply]

Dear Jake, You rock. Plus how did you find so many large Lego boards? Those things seem so hard to come by.

Steve Boyko said... [Reply]

Awesome! My kids are getting back into Lego and of course it's all over the carpet. Thinking of your solution...

Candie..... said... [Reply]

Absolutely awesome!!!! Wish I had ur creativity!

Nancy said... [Reply]

Jake, your table is so awesome. Way to repurpose. Right now we have our legos in one big bin, we don't have many yet. But considering the little one will take sets off the shelf and load them into the cart at Target, I have a feeling we will have two Lego fanatics soon enough. I have a spare table around, maybe I will have to follow suite with it!

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said... [Reply]

Rockin'. Our legos are strewn about. That's how I roll. I love stepping on them with my bare feet. It's so soothing.

amy of the salvage collection said... [Reply]

have you heard of a plastic BIN? okay, we suckered grandparents into making rolling drawers and a table ( a la PB) so we didn't have to deal w/ the mess.

but it's still a mess.... though better than listening to laugh tracks on TV!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Always love your 'before' and 'after' shots!

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