Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Box of Many Trades

An antique toolbox to hold, well, almost anything.


Paint supplies. Art/craft supplies. Wine bottles. Picture it on a big, rugged farm table, with oversized napkins, and utensils wrapped with twine. Yeah?


My goal was simply to give it new life. A new, old life. But with a twist. You know, a little spice.



Each layer of color was added individually. I started with a light coat of primer. Which, almost completely soaked into the wood. Next was a solid coat of green. Once dry, I dry brushed the light blue on top of the green. Nothing specific. Nothing technical. Just wherever and in every direction. I mixed the blue about 50/50 paint and water. I used a wet rag to wipe off any excess.

The Fleur-de-lis: I found an image using Google. Printed it down, cut it out, taped it where I wanted it. Then, I used a pen to trace over the outline. By using a little pressure, it leaves a faint outline (impression) in the wood. I used a couple small brushes to fill it in by hand. I did this on both ends of the box.



I did the same process for the front of the box, to make the oval shape. I just used a small trash can as my template. Hey, whatever works, right? Once everything was in place, I sanded. Lots of sanding. I really wanted it to look rough. But, it’s actually pretty smooth. No splinters.



Next, it was time for the handle. I used some smallish rope from Home Depot. Not sure of the size, but it’s about 1/4”. I pre-wrapped it to get the length I wanted, then cut it to size. I attached it to the original handle with hot glue. Each compartment got lined with a piece of burlap. Also attached with hot glue.



Now…the numbers. I don’t know? I just wanted them. Actually, I wanted some old metal letters and numbers. Did you know that metal letters are next to impossible to come by? Really. So I chose a couple completely mismatched numbers. I even banged up the wooden #2 to give it some age.



After everything was in place, I glazed the box. The whole box! Even the rope handle. The glaze is what really brought it all together. However…I didn’t glaze the inside. I wanted the brighter colors on the inside to contrast the outside. I’ve been using Varathane Gel Stain to glaze. This stuff rocks!


So you don’t have to scroll…






So what do you think? Could you find a place in your house for this?


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