Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Strokes of Love

Push. Push harder.


Yep, just sounds bad. But that’s what I had to tell Davin, when he was trying to type with a typewriter for the first time. Do you remember how hard you had to push those keys? I didn’t either!


I ran out to Staples and picked up a brand new ribbon for this typewriter, that I scored at a yard sale a little over a year ago. Pretty sweet, right? Staples actually had the ribbon in stock, and it was only 6 bucks! I know! Me too!



So after showing Davin how to use it, this is what I found on the piece of paper, later in the day. I didn’t get pictures yet, but he’s added to it. Not even sure what some of it is. He just types as he passes it in the hallway. You gotta love that!



I’m lovin’ this thing. I’m gonna write type someone a letter. I am too. When was the last time you actually used a manual typewriter?


Nancy said... [Reply]

That is awesome! I remember typing on a typewriter when I was in third or fourth grade and I had to do a report of some sort. I just remember going to my mom's office and typing. I was so slow and it was so loud.

Anne said... [Reply]

I would love to have a typewriter again...yes, it would be an adjustment to really HIT those keys again!

I am amazed that you found a ribbon for the typewriter! I didn't think they still sold them!

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