Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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VD for Kids

Yes. It’s supposed to sound that way. Now laugh.


The Valentines gifts for Davins classmates was a group effort in our home, this year. We all pitched in. We wanted to keep it simple and affordable. But still make them personal.



So, some candy, clear gift bags, some paper mustaches for lollipops, and heart gift tags, and we were set. The mustaches and hearts were courtesy of the Silhouette Cameo. What a great tool!



We spent a few bucks on his teacher, but she’s worth every penny! He told us she drinks tea. So, a mug it was. Not all that original, I know. But I did put her initial on it. Yeah, I’m cool like that. Oh yeah, the initial is vinyl cut by the Cameo. And we filled it with a nice selection of Sharpie markers, which she uses every day.



On a side note, Davin and I made Sicily a simple little card. A picture card. The inspiration came from Pinterest. Now, if for whatever reason, you’re still not using Pinterest…why? Why? If you’re on the list, and just need an instant invite, let me know. All I need is your email. As long as you sign up, you will not be tar and feathered.


Did you get anything wonderful?


Lori C said... [Reply]

Oh that card for Sicily is adorable! Yes, I am on Pinterest already, so no tar and feathers for me! I wish I had a Cameo....wish wish wish! Glad to hear Davin's Valentine box was a hit!

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