Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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From The Window…To The Wall

Till the grass gets big and tall.


Yes, we have beautiful mountains. But they’re just not something I enjoy photographing. At least, not that often. So, what do you take pictures of, in the desert, in the middle of winter? Grass! Oh…and my favorite, weeds.


Actually, spring is just around the corner, and things are starting to bloom. But, I’m really having to work to find them. Many of these are macro shots. In most cases, I don’t even see the shot until I get down on the ground, with the camera. These aren’t special flowers or grass. It’s the stuff you step on every day.


All horizontal shots. Maybe I’ll follow up tomorrow with a set of vertical images. I said maybe.











Picture heavy, I know. But I work hard to find and capture these, and I felt like sharing. Deal with it.

Sooo…are you as ready for spring, as I am? Cause I’m cussing excited!


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