Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Bad Career Choices

We’ve all made one.


There’s almost always a story behind my selfies. Usually, a funny one. Here it is. But, instead of re-writing the whole thing, I’ma copy/paste from my original G+ Post.


Seldom, do I ever know what I'm going to do for my selfy, until minutes before doing it. This one was no exception. I got up early on Saturday, and got dressed, with one goal, completing my Selfy Sunday image. Yeah, well, 4 hours later, I was still kicking around the house without a single idea.

So, I just grabbed my bag of tricks, and hopped in my truck. While I'm driving, I have this vision. Turned around, drove back home, loaded up the truck with props, and drove for another 60-90 minutes looking for this spot. It was almost perfect.

So after lots of test shots, and lots of minor adjustments, I was ready. With the camera in position, and the remote on the table, I dropped my drawers. Yep, everything was already off. Snapped off a couple frames. Got up, reviewed them, sat back down, ..... and repeated the whole thing a few times.

Now here's the thing. Where I wound up, is a long dirt road, that takes you to the Trona Pinnacles, a National Natural Landmark. It's visited by people from all over the globe. So at least twice, I had to take shelter near my truck (it's a big ol' Yukon) just in case there were children passing by.

But then, I notice a vehicle pulled over, about 100 yards away. Just sitting there, facing me. Yep, still nekkid here. What's a nekkid guy in a gas mask to do? Well, finish, of course. So, I don't know if they were watching me, taking pictures of me, or maybe just pulled over to pee? But I finished my business, then they drove away. So if any scandalous images of me appear on the internet, you know where they came from.


What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?


Lori C said... [Reply]

So, you could have worn a speedo or something small, it wouldn't have shown...unless you *wanted* to be out there nekkid....:)

Love this pic! Gonna share with some other 'gas mask' lovin friends

Darcy Anne said... [Reply]

Hey Jake!
What camera(s) do you use?
Your pictures are always so great and
I have been shopping around for a new

Amy of The Salvage Collection said... [Reply]

dude, you belong on a beach in mexico. you'd fit in muy bueno. si. muy bueno, senor nakedness.

my worst job? i was clothed so there was nuthin' "worst" about it.

you win. as usual.

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said... [Reply]

You, my friend, are fearless...I aspire to such feats of daring adventurousness...or insanity, perhaps...either way: long live the genius in your head...

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