Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Junk is my favorite flavor.


Living in the desert, I find the weirdest things. But one thing that’s not uncommon, is to find junk. Someone’s trash just dumped in the middle of the desert. Shame on them!


We took a family drive out in the desert a couple days ago, to let our 6 year old get some driving experience under his belt. That’s right. We start em young out here in the dirt. And wouldn’t you know it, we drove right up on a junk pile. But not any old junk pile. A junk pile with my favorite kind of junk. Furniture. Well, this wasn’t exactly furniture anymore. Just four dresser drawers, laying in a pile of scrap.




Ugly right? But all I wanted was the hardware. These handles will be cool on the right piece!


Remember. A little paint goes a long ways!


While removing the handles, I noticed the coolest thing. One of the drawers had been repaired. In a genius way. The drawer front had been ripped off. Sure, you can re-glue. But that’s always ugly. And nobody wants to take the time to cut out a new piece of wood. But look what they did here. “L” brackets. Genius!



Yep. Cute, tiny, little L brackets. Such a simple fix. Of course you’d still need some glue. But this will definitely bulk up the drawer front. Now, you can buy that next yard sale find with the broken drawer.



How many times have you passed up a dresser because you thought it would be way too hard to fix?


Sicily said... [Reply]

you got a 2 in 1 on that junk pick up baby!! score!! ;) good find!!! :)

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