Monday, December 12, 2011

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I Eat Sexy for Breakfast

Do I look fat?


So how many of you are only here for the furniture updates? Well then, this will kind of be shell shock. Continuing with fabulous Selfy Sunday Project on Google+, this is my submission for the most recent event.



Disturbing? Ummm…yeah! Duh? But that’s how I roll. Or…stumble. Or whatever. The stories that duck could tell. shiver


My vision was made complete with the help of my adoring and supportive wife, aka - Makeup Artist. I said “hey, I need to look like I wiped the streets with my face for money. And didn’t bring home any change.” She obliged.


And…an outtake. I mean, with all the setup, you can’t take just one. Right?


Smashing, I know. Like into a brick wall.


Would you ever expose yourself like this? If not, why? I need to understand why people are so afraid of artistic self expression?


Sicily said... [Reply]

ohhhh... how i love to help you with your visions... ALWAYS!! and that's a serious comment... your visions are fun and a little crazy at times.. but hey.. why not right?? let's have fun!! and we do.. ALWAYS!! :) <3 LOVE YOU!!

Amanda Callaway said... [Reply]

ROFLMAO!!!!! OMG.....that is one of the funniest, most disturbed things I've ever seen!! Bravo to you both!!! I'm gonna be giggling over that for days!!!

Phil Taylor said... [Reply]

You look like a girl I one knew! ... er what you doin' Saturday night?

Averyl Minori said... [Reply]

That lipstick really brings out your eyes!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

First photo not nearly as scary as the 2nd one! I like you better with the wig errr or maybe without the eyelashes . . . Kudos to both of you for the great art! WAY to insecure to do something like that. Well, I did make a MEAN Hobo one year for Halloween when I was working at Walmart. :) Barb

Jeri said... [Reply]

I love the creativity! and the eyelashes! and the lipstick on the teeth!

Amy of The Salvage Collection said... [Reply]

dude... i mean, dudette...i'm thinking bette davis' baby jane all the way. 'cept a touch creepier.

god, i love this selfie stuff!

Ter'e said... [Reply]

Dude! You have a massive set of cajones!!!!! I am laughing my butt off. Love the shade of lipstick and the lipstick on your teeth. Way Classic!!!!!! HILARIOUS! You have made my day!

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said... [Reply]

Oh my look like you wipes the street's toilet with yur face and then had to pay it to keep quiet... Are those tiny, baby combs Rainbow Bright combs you have on yur eyelashes? Lord hep me... Wonder if I could get my husband to be so supportive, hmmm....

Lori C said... [Reply]

I am now your *newest* follower...and yes, it DOES make you look fat! :) LOVE IT!!!!

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