Sunday, December 4, 2011

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Cruel and Unusual

Mother Nature hates me. I’m sure of it.


It’s so obvious by the way she punishes me. Repeatedly! And it’s always the same thing, wind. WIND! WIND! WIND! Stop it!


Got the new camera on Friday. swoon But of course, she cursed me with hurricane speed winds for two days. Finally, today, there was a break. But I just wasn’t motivated? I blame her. I felt like this.


Never the less, I did manage to take a couple pictures. Nothing worth bragging about. I was just happy to have a chance to play with my new toy.


Nope. Not our dog.



Stick Wars. I’m surprised they didn’t bring them home. kids




Confession. I feel guilty for not blogging. Really. I didn’t blog Friday or Saturday. And by today, I couldn’t quit thinking - I. Must. Blog.

Do you ever feel guilty for not blogging?


Loralieh said... [Reply]

WRONG SIR ;) They ARE something to brag about! These are great, slice of life shots! I love them all. Your pictures of Oscar (hope I got his name right) remind me, so much, of my Isolda.

eleisa said... [Reply]

what great shots!
you go dude :)

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