Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hall of Shame

I hang my head each time I pass.


Going on a year, and our hallway is still not finished. But today was great progress! And if I would have had more time (and my compressor) I would have worked on the base boards.



It all started with removing the carpet, and scraping the ceiling. After texturing the ceiling, I installed wood (laminate) flooring, new switches and outlets, and new base boards. As you can see, I’m still not finished with the floor. But what bothered me most? No lighting! Are you kidding me? No hallway lights for almost a year! Man, I’m sorry. <----- like as in lame



Well that lameness stopped today. I finished the lights and got them wired and hung. Then they wouldn’t turn off. gah! A quick rewire and we were good to go. There’s two lights, and they work on dual 2-way switches.



The lights are from a swapmeet. I paid $25 for a box of 5! Some white paint and a new fixture around the opening in the ceiling is really all it took. Same style lights that I put in our office slash craft slash spare slash junk slash everything else, room.


What do you think? Good addition? Or not your style?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Wood Is UP

Actually, the family wood is up.


Wood. It’s a wood Christmas tree. Sickos. I was checking out some alternative Xmas trees on Apartment Therapy. Out of the blue, our 6 year old says, “I want a tree like that”. And I thought, “really”? He was serious. So I scavenged rescued some old wood from the desert.


These are the pieces we decided to use.



After we laid it out, we used wood screws to hold it together. Nothing fancy. I got lots of help with all the labor. Hey, he’s the one that wanted the tree.


We used white, blue, and green paint. I watered each color down about 50/50. Then we just slopped it on wherever we thought it needed it looked good.


A couple bricks for support. A few decorations. A thumbtack in the wall to keep it from leaning. shhh! And we’re finished. I think it goes perfectly with our “less is more”, vintage style.


A bit darker. Ambiance is important. Right ladies?


Every year, Davin gets a new ornament. This is what he picked out this year. Good choice. All the ornaments on the tree this year, are ones he made, or that we bought for him in the past.



And what DIY Christmas Tree would be complete without a burlap tree skirt? Just keeping it real.



Sooo … What do you think? Would you ever consider an alternative tree? Or are you a traditional sucker for cleaning up pine needles?




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Friday, December 16, 2011

Peace Offering

No, I’m not apologizing.


I just thought these images would help wound your bleeding eyes. What blood? Oh, you must not have saw my sexy as hell selfy. Go ahead, take a look. Then, you’ll understand the softness of this post.


These are just some random images from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.








So? Are you ready for some more chaos now?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Twofer

Present for the teacher? Check. Home cut vinyl? Check.


Tomorrow is the last day of school before the Christmas break. Yes. I said “Christmas” break. Not “holiday”. Any other “holiday” you get two weeks off of school for? NO! --back on track-- So, we decided to make a present for Davin’s teacher. I found the idea on the wonderful world of Pinterest.


Perfect? No way. But that’s because it’s a gift from a 6 year old. And he helped. A lot. Actually, yes. I think it’s just perfect.



Now, how about that vinyl lettering? Pretty slick huh? I’ve had this awesome Silhouette Cameo sitting here for like a month. Thought it was about time I found something to use it for. There’s a bit of a learning curve, and it didn’t work perfectly. But I’m sure it’s user error, and I’m happy with the results. I can’t wait to really put it to the test.





The Cameo is awesome! Or, at least I’m sure it will be, once I learn to use it. I’ve seen so many cool projects from it. And it doesn’t just cut vinyl. It cuts paper, card stock, heat transfers. Ideas are endless.


Couple of questions today -

Do you have a Cameo? Maybe an older model, or a Cricut? If so, what have you made?

Also…are you using Pinterest? Well good for you. And WHY NOT? If you would like an invite, simply leave me a reply and let me know. But be warned - it’s addictive! It will instantly make you realize how little time you have in a day, and how unorganized you are!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I Eat Sexy for Breakfast

Do I look fat?


So how many of you are only here for the furniture updates? Well then, this will kind of be shell shock. Continuing with fabulous Selfy Sunday Project on Google+, this is my submission for the most recent event.



Disturbing? Ummm…yeah! Duh? But that’s how I roll. Or…stumble. Or whatever. The stories that duck could tell. shiver


My vision was made complete with the help of my adoring and supportive wife, aka - Makeup Artist. I said “hey, I need to look like I wiped the streets with my face for money. And didn’t bring home any change.” She obliged.


And…an outtake. I mean, with all the setup, you can’t take just one. Right?


Smashing, I know. Like into a brick wall.


Would you ever expose yourself like this? If not, why? I need to understand why people are so afraid of artistic self expression?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Restoration Hardware

This ain’t your mommas furniture. With you around, she knew better.


Every time I look at my Restoration Hardware catalog, I cry. They have the most A-MAZ-ING furniture and accessories! But that’s not why I cry. I cry, because of the prices!


But, if you’ve been fortunate enough to rob a bank lately, and get away with it, this sale is for you! Save some of that hard looted cash. Hire a good lawyer. In the meantime, live it up with some sexy RH furniture.


Save 20% - Enter Code F2H2011


I could outfit an entire home from RH. What about you?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Collection of Time

No. You get nothing back.


I’m talking about a physical collection. Of clocks. Oh, and clock radios.


I don’t know why? I just find them so interesting. Think about it. Throughout your life, you have probably had several, maybe even dozens of different clocks. Now, if you’re just a youngin, that might not be true. My only alarm clock for the last few years, has been my iPhone. But, I’ve owned plenty a head ringing, almost nauseating, drive you crazy, alarm clocks.

Here’s my #1. The first. The beginning. The trouble maker?


Isn’t she pretty? Don’t touch! Just kidding. Go ahead. You know you want to.


And if you really think about it, they are one of the most important things you own. Sure you hate them. But it’s a love-hate. Without them, you would be late to school, work, hair/nails, dates, dinner. You get it. We need to show clocks some respect. Sing it …. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


Now, close your eyes, and image a wall of shelves covered in these vintagey tickers. Yes. That was awesome you just saw! The sizes, colors, shapes and styles are endless. That makes for eclectic eye candy!

Still not clear? Maybe these will ring a bell…







Do you have a collection? Is it on display, or locked away?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Junk is my favorite flavor.


Living in the desert, I find the weirdest things. But one thing that’s not uncommon, is to find junk. Someone’s trash just dumped in the middle of the desert. Shame on them!


We took a family drive out in the desert a couple days ago, to let our 6 year old get some driving experience under his belt. That’s right. We start em young out here in the dirt. And wouldn’t you know it, we drove right up on a junk pile. But not any old junk pile. A junk pile with my favorite kind of junk. Furniture. Well, this wasn’t exactly furniture anymore. Just four dresser drawers, laying in a pile of scrap.




Ugly right? But all I wanted was the hardware. These handles will be cool on the right piece!


Remember. A little paint goes a long ways!


While removing the handles, I noticed the coolest thing. One of the drawers had been repaired. In a genius way. The drawer front had been ripped off. Sure, you can re-glue. But that’s always ugly. And nobody wants to take the time to cut out a new piece of wood. But look what they did here. “L” brackets. Genius!



Yep. Cute, tiny, little L brackets. Such a simple fix. Of course you’d still need some glue. But this will definitely bulk up the drawer front. Now, you can buy that next yard sale find with the broken drawer.



How many times have you passed up a dresser because you thought it would be way too hard to fix?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cruel and Unusual

Mother Nature hates me. I’m sure of it.


It’s so obvious by the way she punishes me. Repeatedly! And it’s always the same thing, wind. WIND! WIND! WIND! Stop it!


Got the new camera on Friday. swoon But of course, she cursed me with hurricane speed winds for two days. Finally, today, there was a break. But I just wasn’t motivated? I blame her. I felt like this.


Never the less, I did manage to take a couple pictures. Nothing worth bragging about. I was just happy to have a chance to play with my new toy.


Nope. Not our dog.



Stick Wars. I’m surprised they didn’t bring them home. kids




Confession. I feel guilty for not blogging. Really. I didn’t blog Friday or Saturday. And by today, I couldn’t quit thinking - I. Must. Blog.

Do you ever feel guilty for not blogging?