Saturday, November 19, 2011

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School Daze

This whole design thing makes me dizzy.


This is one little corner in my office. er- Craft room. er- Editing room. er- Multi-purpose, please don’t pile your crap up in here, room. And like every other room, in the entire house, it’s not finished. But I like the direction it’s going. Some wood flooring, chalkboard paint area on the walls, and some vintage art. Sound good? I think it would go well with my desk.


I’m not sure how this school theme came to be? It’s not like I went out and bought all this stuff at once. They’re just odds and ends that I’ve been collecting. But I think it works, since this room is basically an office. Of sorts. Vintage luggage. I have a serious crush it! There are 3 others pieces in this room. Several in the living room. And 2 very tall stacks in the garage. It will all get used!


Note the Design Sponge book. You can pick one up at Amazon or B&N! OR…an iBook from Apple.


We picked these lockers up for 10 bucks. There’s two skinny, side by side pieces, about 5 feet tall. Right now they’re being used to hold craft and office supplies. And of course, Davin loves to pin his pictures and school awards to them with magnets. They look cool. But, I’m finding out they’re not super functional, due to the super slim profile. Future project = locker shelves.


Globes = another addiction. Just like the luggage, I have several. Oh, and old cameras - boxes! Oh, and old typewriters. Oh, and old books. Oh…and, uhh…yeah, I like vintage stuff.


Do any of your rooms have a theme? If so, what kind of theme? If not, would you like them to?


Andrea @Oasis Accents said... [Reply]

Hi Jake! Just had to say I love globes, too. I've only been lucky enough to find ONE but I keep looking. You've got some neat storage. Love the luggage too! Thanks for sharing.

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