Friday, November 4, 2011

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A Smarter Me

Okay. Just a smarter looking me.

Those that know me, know how much I love social media. So much so, that I feel out of touch with the world, when I miss several hours of social updates. Not days. Hours. Really. Social networking is like crack. <----- No, I haven’t. But I’m sure it is.

Unlike visiting your favorite local eatery, seeing annoying co-workers between the cubes, or cart bumping the only person you hoped to never run in to at the market, social networking doesn’t allow us to see each other. Sure there are ways. But for the most part, all that people get is the little square image you share with them. The illustrious “profile picture”.

Now for some people, that thing is gold! I mean, it never changes. NEVER! Why? Because they’re afraid people won’t recognize them, and will miss one of their ever so important comments. Well not me. I like change. Especially my appearance. We only live once. So have fun with the way you look. I like to think that I’m running my own personal witness protection program. And I’m hiding myself.

So, my newest profile picture update is…well…a look that nobody (not even myself) has ever seen me dawn. Now, I never claimed to be smart. But I do like nerds. They make all the cool things I love. So for Halloween, I paid tribute to them - the nerds - by embracing their strong characteristics ridiculing them with the most ridiculous outfit I could put together.



The one above - my new Google+ profile picture. Taken with my iPhone.


The Easley Family Halloween

The best part? My entire outfit came out of my closet. It really did. Do you change your appearance often? Your wardrobe? Style? If not, why?


Kate said... [Reply]

your fam is ridiculously cute!

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