Friday, November 25, 2011

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Savings Shmavings

I saved. By not shopping. Saved my sanity.


“Blog about Black Friday”, my wife says. And I was all like, ummm…why? Nobody cares about Black Friday. It’s over.


And that’s when the feeling of relief set in. BAM! It hit me. Yep, when I realized it was over. No more rude people. No cursing. Shoving. Yelling. Arguing. Grabbing. Trampling. Black Friday is exactly that, a dark and evil time. All you people waiting in line for 6 hours - many of you deserve an ugly card. Yep, you. Because you feel like you’re entitled to something. Really?


Don’t be hatin’ on me for picking up the last thinger-bobber that you waited in line for, just because you stopped and grabbed a doo-hickey on the way in to save $2. You are owed nothing. Now, go put on your nice face, say you’re sorry, and be grateful. Remember “grateful”? You sure talked it up yesterday. I completely boycott Black Friday. There’s nothing in a retail store that’s worth dangling my sanity off of the crazy cliff for. I’d rather just jump. If you were part of the madness today, I hope you were civil.



Did you venture out in the chaos of Black Death Friday? If so, did you wait until the unruly mobs had cleared?

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You should try it at least once. It's not as bad as you make it out. I go and try to have fun. If we get a deal we are happy, if not oh well. We saved almost $200 and didn't have to act insane to get our savings but I will admit I don't try to compete for things when I know other people are camping out and that the store only has 10 vouchers. That is even a bit too ridiculous for me.

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