Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Road Work Ahead

More like paving. Paper paving!


Scored a box of vintage California maps at Goodwill. Yes, yes, yes! About 20 yeses, for less than a cup of coffee. Coffee’s gross.



Street maps. City maps. Highways. Parks. A little bit of SCORE! Sorry, I got excited. A little bit of everything. Why maps? How about drawer liners? Table tops? Super cool collages? So many possibilities. But seriously, these things lining the drawers of a vintage dresser? Or a bookcase? HOT!


Love the white and green combo here. Freeways galore. “Galore” - silly word.


Oh man…bring on the modge podge!


Have you ever lined drawers or shelves with something besides shelf paper?


eleisa said... [Reply]


those ARE amazing!

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