Monday, November 21, 2011

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Not the stinky kind. The smile kind.


You ever see someone smile, and then, you just have to smile too? Well, you know what they say, smiles are contagious.


I was doing some cleaning today and found a handful of these little guys. They’re called Gogo’s Crazy Bones. I guess they’re some type of game? We bought them for the entertainment factor our son. Hundreds of different designs, with hundreds of different color combos.


Anyways…the 3 in this picture just grabbed my attention. There they were. All goofy looking. But - with these HUGE smiles. And, you guessed it, they made me smile. So I took a picture. Since smiles are contagious, I thought I should pass one on. Hope everyone had a great Monday!



So, did they make you smile?


Rocio Esmeralda said... [Reply]

jejeje YES!! :D Twice!!! :)

Amy of The Salvage Collection said... [Reply]

yepperdoo...i'm all smiles! love, love, love your photos!

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