Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Not at me. Gross!


This blog post. The one you are reading right now. Probably the most boring post I’ve ever done. EVER! But…you can get excited about boring this time. No, not because you get to sneak-a-peek. But because this is a preview of what tomorrows blog will be about.


So, sneak a peek of this before. What is it? Ugly. duh Don’t run and hide. It’s not that bad. Remember, tomorrow, you get to see the finished pieces. Did you catch that? oops, I slipped. Yeah, plural. Pieces. Piecez-ez. Whatever. Come back tomorrow to see a pair of bedroom beauties.



Let me have it. Is it ugly or what? From this peek, would you snatch it up, or pass it by?


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