Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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It’s a Setup

No. I didn’t just stumble upon this cute little display.


I took the time to set it up. Yes. I picked flowers. Or…whatever these little red things are. They show up every fall, here in the desert. They’re crunchy. Say it like- “K-Runchee”. It’s just more fun that way.


I’m always surprised to hear how many photographers are afraid to “setup” a shot. Go ahead, move things around. Give the viewer something to look at. The only time you shouldn’t do that, is if you’re a photojournalist. Otherwise, it’s okay! Say that like “Ohh-Kay”. Nope, doesn’t work with that one.


The next time you’re out shooting taking pictures, if you see something that you think would benefit from some sweet light source a few feet away, go for it. Move that sucker. Well, unless it’s like, somebody else’s baby or car…or something like that. Stop it! You know what I mean.


Anyways, I found the bottle, picked the flower [thingy’s] and put them in the bottle. The background is the remnants of an old wooden house. Where one wall and the roof had collapsed, it made a sweeping backdrop down to the foundation. The light shined softly in just the right spot for the bottle. Bingo!


Have you ever been reluctant to move your subjects around, just because you thought you shouldn’t since you didn’t find it that way?


Kate said... [Reply]

Love this! & thanks for following...following back. That is SO COOL you are a stay-at-home dad. My husband couldn't handle it {and admits it}. haha! Props to you & your lil family!

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