Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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NaBloPoMo - What’d You Call Me?

It’s not a bad word. At least, not in English.


November is National Blog Posting Month. Yep, the whole month. That’s a lot of blogging. Especially for someone like me, that only blogs a couple/few times a month. But - every day? ouch.


Guess what? I’m doing it! This blog wraps up Day 9. And, if I hadn’t jumped the gun, I would have had 10 blog posts already. Can you believe I posted twice in one day? Me either. Complete accident.


The whole point, is to help make you a better writer. But. Yep, buuuut, I’m not really looking to become a better writer? If there are rules for writing, I’m sure the writing police are on their way to lock me up right now. I blog because I like to share my life experiences. And of course, positive feedback is a great feeling! But I don’t really think that my audience is too worried about the technicalities of my writing skills. Are you? I’m more interested in my audience being able to see, or hear, or read…or whatever, the real me. I tend to write like I talk. Not too formal. Definitely on the lighter, more comical side. Because that’s who I am.


I will say, daily blogging is tough! Not because I can’t find time. Because I don’t feel like I have something to write about every day. At least not something people will be interested in. I can tell you about how I stacked the groceries in the freezer. But it’s not life changing, so we’ll skip it. See what I mean? It makes me feel a bit stressed out. For the first time ever, I’m thinking all day - about what I’m going to blog about. *Light Bulb* Wait, isn’t that the point? I am writing more. And I’m enjoying it! So I guess it’s working?


If you’re interested in reading more about the actual event, visit BlogHer. Lots of amazing things info there about writing, life, organization, and general things people like to know. And of course, more info about NaBloPoMo. <----- I said NaBloPoMo. That’s funny.


How often do you blog? If not often, why not?




Amy of The Salvage Collection said... [Reply]

oh, yeah, blogging daily is work. but it's the kind i like. writing, to me, is almost as much fun as painting furniture. but, who wants to read what i think about every little thing out there? yep, that's my feeling on it. i do share my opinions and advice but it's all related to furn redo, vintage "stuff", etc. just to babble about my rather normal (though happy) life may not be the most interesting. in fact, i've babbled too much here already! ahhhh! must run before you're bored!

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