Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Long Legged Squab

Squab = couch. This is a settee. Settee = couch. See, we both learned.


This was far from a “project”. The owner of this cute little settee, simply wanted me to recover it. She even provided the [less than exciting] fabric. So, I recovered it. What did you think I was gonna do? No pretty pictures. This was an in and out job.





Remember, I didn’t pick the fabric. -boring-


According to the owner, her cat decided to use this beautiful antique as a scratching post. Of course you’re not surprised. It’s a cat. That’s what cats do. Shame on you cat owners.


The cat really did a number on this thing. Bad kitty!


I wanted to keep the padding all in tact, so I had to be careful pulling out the staples. I had no idea something this small could have so many STAPLES!?!? ugh! Once the new material is in place, it looks pretty raggedy.



Gimp to the rescue! This is the cute, decorative braid that you see along the edges of older furniture. What’s it for? To hide the ugly. Staples, nails, seams, it hides them all. Probably several ways to put it on, but I use Clear Gel Tacky Glue. It goes on thick and dries clear.


See. Nice, refined edge. Not that I really wanted to paint this. Okay, yes I did. I wanted to paint it. Bad. Don’t get me wrong, I like the wood. And I’d be happy to keep the wood. But I so wanted to put a fun fabric on this. Oh…and paint it.


Have you ever not started a project, because you weren’t sure if you would know how to finish it?


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Awesome job! Would love to see YOUR version of what this chair would look like. Barb

Courtney said... [Reply]

So that's what that stuff's called! Gimp! I've used it...don't neccesarily love it, but the name! I want to go and get some now. Just so I can say it. Gimp.
Gimp gimp gimp!! Ok enough, sorry about that. I would love to use double welt cord next time I need to hide staples, have you ever made/used that?
I'm thinking it's out of my skill range at the moment!

Jake Easley said... [Reply]

@CourtneyHi Courtney! Yep, gimp. Don't worry, I never knew either :) Even when I bought it, the lady looked at the package and said, "well it says right here, decorative cord". haha.

But one of my very first blogs, I mentioned it, and a lovely reader clued me in. Double welt cord. No. First, I don't sew. It's on my "learn how" list. But it looks pretty simple. Here's a good how-to from Curbly.

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