Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Insta Grammification

That title makes no sense. Really.


That was my attempt at a play on words. This post is all about Instagram. What is Instagram? Did you click the link? Hel-lo?


For anyone that doesn’t know, Instagram (IG) is a photo app, for iOS devices. I use it on my iPhone. It. Is. Awesome! Unfortunately, there is not an Android app, yet. I’ve been using it for just over 1 year now. IG is more than just another photo app. It’s an entire mobile, photo community, with over 4 million users! It’s so successful, that it has spawned new businesses like swamp frogs. Little IG tadpoles popping up everywhere. From prints and collages, to custom built books. All designed around your IG photos.



Using a 3rd party web app: Statigram


The beauty of IG lies in the simplicity of its filters. They apply different vintage-y effects with the push of a button your finger. Unlike many apps, these filters have been well thought out! The app itself has opened up a new world of mobile photography. While I was being overwhelmed with photography business, IG reminded me why I love photography so much. Creativity. Expression. Freedom. It made me want to go out and take photos again. Creative photos!


While I’m not going to share my stash of over 500 images, I will leave a link for you. Right. Here. I invite you to check out what can be accomplished with nothing more than an iPhone. All of the images in my gallery are taken and edited with only my iPhone. No computer. No computer software.


Here’s a couple to get you started. I’ll admit, some of them may not make sense…unless you read the captions!









So. Whatd’ya think? Are you an Instagram user? Share your username. Let’s connect!


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