Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Fading Away For Better Days

The sun has shined upon me. And by sun, I mean Sony.


It. Is. Official. I am the proud owner of a new Sony SLT-A77 Digital Camera With 16-50 mm Lens Kit. And…a Sony HVL-F58AM Digital Camera Flash. The other lenses and goodies will have to wait for a couple weeks. Okay, so I don’t like own it, own it. But I purchased it. I bought one. Today!



So, how excited am I? I almost peed. That excited! But you know what’s even more exciting? Is that I can stop the brutal search for one! Holy moly! These things sell new, body only, for $1399. They are selling everywhere for $2000-$2500 body only! Extremely short supply right now. What’s that? How did I get one? Ninja skillz



Of course, I probably won’t have it in my dirty little hands until next week. Don’t worry it’s a joke, I washed them. And I just can’t wait to get out and play. Oh, and yes, I sold my Canon 5D MkII and all my Canon gear. Yay!


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What’s on your wish list for Christmas?


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