Thursday, November 3, 2011

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DIY Why?

Ever get in over your head with a DIY? Oh yes you have! I said - yes you have!


When I ordered my ASCP I wanted a red. Red is important. But I wanted some flexibility. And I wanted a soft palette. Think vintage. <---- Say vintage in a whisper. It helps. Anyways, Scandinavian Pink seemed like the right choice. For me at least, ASCP dries a bit darker than it looks in the can (and online). Brilliant idea ahead…just add a drop or two of onyx tint when you want it a darker red. Right?


What. Was. I. Thinking?! I should know better. As a photographer, I’ve been working with color every day for years. And I know better. But my DIY-sense got the best of me. The answer is NO! You do not darken pink to get red. You lighten red to get pink. All I had to do was order the red and add some of my Old White. And presto - Hello pink.


Now, I have can of pink - expensive - pink paint that I have nothing to use on. Yet. So this project will get finished with a DIY chalk paint, because I still want the flat, chalk look and feel to it. What is it? Oh. You’ll have to wait.


Have you ever taken on a DIY project and realized you had no idea what you were doing?




Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said... [Reply]

I have quiete a few DIY mishaps myself; tend to get in over my head from time to time.

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