Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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Canon? Nikon?

Neither. Sony!


After much debate, I have decided to make a complete lineup change in my photography equipment. I have been a Canon user since I began taking pictures. No loyalty, it’s just the brand I chose. My third Canon, my beloved 5D MkII is old. It still takes shit-hot pictures! Everyone knows that. But the technology is lacking outdated!


Why the change? Well, because. Canon has a way of making me feel like a tool. They keep me waiting, year after year, after year, for an updated camera. And nothing!? And every time they do release one, it’s more expensive than the one it’s replacing. Sure, Nikon has regular releases. But, their pricing structure isn’t much different than Canon. And personally, I don’t like the feel of the Nikon. Also not a big fan of their menu system. What I do like is change. And I like it often. And I’m not a brand loyalist. I want what I want. There are several other reasons for my decision. One of the biggest points is that I am no longer doing photography professionally. So I can sacrifice a bit of noise at the higher ISO. But I don’t have to explain myself.


So where does that leave me? With the awesome, new Sony A77! This thing rocks! I’ve been eye-humping this thing since it was announced a couple months ago. Will it live up to its hype? I don’t know? But I’m willing to take a chance. So, very, very soon, my 5D MkII and all my Canon glass and accessories will be up for sale. What? I still need a way to pay for the new Sony. Check out the Sony A77 specs below. View full specs at dpreview.

  • 24MP CMOS Sensor
  • 12fps continuous shooting with autofocus
  • 1080p60 movies with autofocus
  • 2.4M dot OLED viewfinder
  • 1/8000th maximum shutter speed, shutter rated for 150,000 actuations
  • ISO 100 - 16,000 (25,600 with multi-image combination. Expands down to ISO 50)
  • Auto ISO with customizable lower and upper limits
  • Optional, profile-based correction of vignetting, chromatic aberrations and geometric distortion
  • Pull-out three-hinge tilt/swivel 920k dot LCD screen
  • Built-in GPS
  • Top panel LCD
  • Stereo microphone and external mic socket
  • AF Micro Adjust
  • Dust shake sensor cleaning


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Jeri said... [Reply] said eye-humping! Glad you're getting a system that makes you happy. And I'm excited to see what's for sale! :)

Deborah March said... [Reply]

OMG!!! "Eye humping..." SPLURT!!!

Ummm...glad it's making you happy Jake!

OH! And do consider turning off word verification 'eh? Just one more step for busy blurfers, many of whom just don't do it...they just leave...siiiigh...

Jake Easley said... [Reply]

@Deborah MarchFixed, Deborah! Under the new Blogger dashboard, it's no longer an option. So I had to revert to the old dashboard, and uncheck it. I think this may have happened when I was playing with dynamic view option? Thanks for pointing it out!

Oh...and thanks for getting a chuckle out of my choice of words. You and Jeri!

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