Monday, November 7, 2011

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Baby Throne in Blue

Oh, Duck Egg Blue, I heart you!
That was a poem. Beautiful huh? Annie Sloan’s, Duck Egg Blue is a supertastic color! I already have other pieces I want to use it on. And combine it with Old White? Yes please.
Found this antique highchair at a yard sale. I won’t tell you how much I paid for this little gem. But trust me, you’d be jealous. The thing I love most about it is the shape of the legs! The arm rests and front legs are one long piece of wood. Beautiful, bendy wood.
I would like to say that this was a quick piece to do. But with all the round parts, and bends, it actually took quite a while. Had to make sure I got it all. I left the tray exactly as it was. Okay, yes. I cleaned it. But the chipped and cracked (probably lead) paint added character.
See. Isn’t this thing cute? Would look great in a dining room with wood floors, with an old barn table, and large hutch, all painted with beautiful, tasty chalk paint. Tasty chalk paint.
Look at those legs! LOVE!
I love what the dark wax adds to each piece.
And sanding. Nothing sands like ASCP. It’s so unpredictable. But it never peels, like latex. Latex <----- That should be a bad word. The more I use ASCP, the more I like it. Okay. Love it! Love love love love love it!
If it fits your décor, where would you put something like this?




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Jeri said... [Reply]

I would put it right by my ugly green chairs in my living room! I am diggin' your new creations!!

Amy of The Salvage Collection said... [Reply]

darn...i'd put my kid in it! well, 10 years ago i would've.

lookin' fine!

following you via email...thanks!


Shabby chic Sandy said... [Reply]

I would put it in the dining room even though my kids are big now:) So cute you did a great job!

Shelia said... [Reply]

This is an adorable high chair and I love the color you chose!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Elisa said... [Reply]

I love it - I just found one and was trying to decide on color and now I know...I admit it...I'm totally going to copy yours!
Good job!

PJH Designs said... [Reply]

I'm loving those legs! Lovely job thanks for sharing.

Andrea @Oasis Accents said... [Reply]

So are you telling us you're a leg man Jake? lol! It really turned out great. Blue is my favorite color not matter what shade it is. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best =)

Kate said... [Reply]

fabulous find & revamp! Thanks for sharing!

Just Jaime said... [Reply]

Looks great! I totally want to redo a high chair!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said... [Reply]

So cute! I just found one of my kids' old highchairs when we moved things to install a new furnace! Thought I had gotten rid of them all!

Robin said... [Reply]

I love how shabby chic this is. The blue is so sweet.

I host a weekly upcycling party and would love it if you linked this project up.

Cathy @My 1929 Charmer said... [Reply]

Men sure know how to spot a good pair of legs. Great job, loving the duck egg blue. I would put it in any room, a bedroom with a lamp on it. A throw over the back side. Did you get you mixer? Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best.

Kim @ Too Much Time said... [Reply]

This is AWESOME! I featured you today, come check it out!

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