Sunday, November 27, 2011

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All Cooped Up

You know you want me.


It’s that time again. Selfy Sunday. Haven’t been keeping up? Follow that link and check it out. Basically, I take part in a self portrait theme, every two weeks. Sometimes, I sneak a freebie in. Cause I can.


This weeks image got the same basic treatment as this one. I just tweaked the colors to suit the mood I was in. So, tomorrow…back to work and back to school. At least, for most. So, ogle me while you can.



Are you ready to start taking some self portraits? Need some help getting started?


erinquintana said... [Reply]

i am! and I do! help me find the time please!!!!!

Abby said... [Reply]

I've wanted to do a self portrait series for awhile. Also, you look really different in this pic!

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