Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fading Away For Better Days

The sun has shined upon me. And by sun, I mean Sony.


It. Is. Official. I am the proud owner of a new Sony SLT-A77 Digital Camera With 16-50 mm Lens Kit. And…a Sony HVL-F58AM Digital Camera Flash. The other lenses and goodies will have to wait for a couple weeks. Okay, so I don’t like own it, own it. But I purchased it. I bought one. Today!



So, how excited am I? I almost peed. That excited! But you know what’s even more exciting? Is that I can stop the brutal search for one! Holy moly! These things sell new, body only, for $1399. They are selling everywhere for $2000-$2500 body only! Extremely short supply right now. What’s that? How did I get one? Ninja skillz



Of course, I probably won’t have it in my dirty little hands until next week. Don’t worry it’s a joke, I washed them. And I just can’t wait to get out and play. Oh, and yes, I sold my Canon 5D MkII and all my Canon gear. Yay!


all images © B&H


What’s on your wish list for Christmas?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weiner Warmers

2011 Pigs-In-A-Blanket. With croissants.


I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up pigs in a blanket is what you called a sausage rolled up in a pancake. Anybody else? So I just can’t bring myself to call these by the same name.


This is the second time we’ve made these together. Frozen, Pillsbury croissants, with some good old Oscar Meyer hot dogs rolled up inside. I’ve been reading a lot of recipes lately, trying to find things he can help with in the kitchen.


Healthy? eh. Tasty? eh. Fun? You betcha!



This expression was all about technicalities. He wanted to know (and understand) why they didn’t all roll up even from side to side. We talked about spacing and measurement. And we worked it out.



If you have kids, do they help you cook or bake? Any go-to recipes?

Monday, November 28, 2011

39 is the New 40

And 39 is WINNING!


Forty - shmorty. Who cares? Today, I am one step year closer to 40. And I could care less. You wanna know why? Because I’m happy!


Age. Disease. Poverty. War. Nobody wants them. But none of those things can break your spirit. Not unless you let them. I have a beautiful, amazing, super-tasticly, wonderful family. And that keeps me young. What more could a guy ask for? Well, there is one thing. I hope they are as happy as I am.


Eventually, I’ll get around to Google+ and Facebook, individually. But right now, I want to say thank you to everyone for the warm, wonderful birthday wishes. I’ve received over 150 of them today! THANK YOU! You are all amazing! Don’t forget that.


These are the oldest images I have of myself. You can make fun if you want. Go ahead. But don’t point, it’s not nice.




And here’s one of the newest.



Does the thought of getting old(er) bother you?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Cooped Up

You know you want me.


It’s that time again. Selfy Sunday. Haven’t been keeping up? Follow that link and check it out. Basically, I take part in a self portrait theme, every two weeks. Sometimes, I sneak a freebie in. Cause I can.


This weeks image got the same basic treatment as this one. I just tweaked the colors to suit the mood I was in. So, tomorrow…back to work and back to school. At least, for most. So, ogle me while you can.



Are you ready to start taking some self portraits? Need some help getting started?

395 Problems

But my blog ain't one. Hit me!

I have blogged every day this month. Sure, it's almost 1am. But this is my Saturday post.

Stuck on the road with no way to blog until right now. Had an absolutely FABULOUS day with my family and in-laws!

Here's my attempt at grabbing a HWY 395 sign. At 65 mph. In pitch black.

Did you miss me?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Savings Shmavings

I saved. By not shopping. Saved my sanity.


“Blog about Black Friday”, my wife says. And I was all like, ummm…why? Nobody cares about Black Friday. It’s over.


And that’s when the feeling of relief set in. BAM! It hit me. Yep, when I realized it was over. No more rude people. No cursing. Shoving. Yelling. Arguing. Grabbing. Trampling. Black Friday is exactly that, a dark and evil time. All you people waiting in line for 6 hours - many of you deserve an ugly card. Yep, you. Because you feel like you’re entitled to something. Really?


Don’t be hatin’ on me for picking up the last thinger-bobber that you waited in line for, just because you stopped and grabbed a doo-hickey on the way in to save $2. You are owed nothing. Now, go put on your nice face, say you’re sorry, and be grateful. Remember “grateful”? You sure talked it up yesterday. I completely boycott Black Friday. There’s nothing in a retail store that’s worth dangling my sanity off of the crazy cliff for. I’d rather just jump. If you were part of the madness today, I hope you were civil.



Did you venture out in the chaos of Black Death Friday? If so, did you wait until the unruly mobs had cleared?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks for Thanking

Learn it. Use it. Pass it on.


I’m following the above advice right now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


It’s Thanksgiving, so I’m keeping it short. I just want to say thank you, to everyone. My family. My friends. My online friends. They do too exist. My blog readers. And thank you, to each and every person, that took the time today, to thank someone else. I have too many things to be thankful for. But I can assure you, it’s the simple things that mean the most.


From us to you - wishing you all a happy day of thanking and being thankful!


What’s one thing, other than family and friends, that you are thankful for?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Long Legged Squab

Squab = couch. This is a settee. Settee = couch. See, we both learned.


This was far from a “project”. The owner of this cute little settee, simply wanted me to recover it. She even provided the [less than exciting] fabric. So, I recovered it. What did you think I was gonna do? No pretty pictures. This was an in and out job.





Remember, I didn’t pick the fabric. -boring-


According to the owner, her cat decided to use this beautiful antique as a scratching post. Of course you’re not surprised. It’s a cat. That’s what cats do. Shame on you cat owners.


The cat really did a number on this thing. Bad kitty!


I wanted to keep the padding all in tact, so I had to be careful pulling out the staples. I had no idea something this small could have so many STAPLES!?!? ugh! Once the new material is in place, it looks pretty raggedy.



Gimp to the rescue! This is the cute, decorative braid that you see along the edges of older furniture. What’s it for? To hide the ugly. Staples, nails, seams, it hides them all. Probably several ways to put it on, but I use Clear Gel Tacky Glue. It goes on thick and dries clear.


See. Nice, refined edge. Not that I really wanted to paint this. Okay, yes I did. I wanted to paint it. Bad. Don’t get me wrong, I like the wood. And I’d be happy to keep the wood. But I so wanted to put a fun fabric on this. Oh…and paint it.


Have you ever not started a project, because you weren’t sure if you would know how to finish it?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Road Work Ahead

More like paving. Paper paving!


Scored a box of vintage California maps at Goodwill. Yes, yes, yes! About 20 yeses, for less than a cup of coffee. Coffee’s gross.



Street maps. City maps. Highways. Parks. A little bit of SCORE! Sorry, I got excited. A little bit of everything. Why maps? How about drawer liners? Table tops? Super cool collages? So many possibilities. But seriously, these things lining the drawers of a vintage dresser? Or a bookcase? HOT!


Love the white and green combo here. Freeways galore. “Galore” - silly word.


Oh man…bring on the modge podge!


Have you ever lined drawers or shelves with something besides shelf paper?

Monday, November 21, 2011


Not the stinky kind. The smile kind.


You ever see someone smile, and then, you just have to smile too? Well, you know what they say, smiles are contagious.


I was doing some cleaning today and found a handful of these little guys. They’re called Gogo’s Crazy Bones. I guess they’re some type of game? We bought them for the entertainment factor our son. Hundreds of different designs, with hundreds of different color combos.


Anyways…the 3 in this picture just grabbed my attention. There they were. All goofy looking. But - with these HUGE smiles. And, you guessed it, they made me smile. So I took a picture. Since smiles are contagious, I thought I should pass one on. Hope everyone had a great Monday!



So, did they make you smile?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holy Christmas Cards Batman!

It’s almost time for our annual dysfunctional documentation.


You got it, family picture time! I try really hard to come up with something original for our annual Christmas cards. And by original, I don’t just mean something different than the year before. No way.


I’m talking: Totally. Completely. One-of-a-kind. Pull my pants down and spank my ass, different.


Here are two of the photos from our past Christmas cards.




Now…here’s the problem. I NEED IDEAS! - need need need - I’m totally stumped on what to do this year, and I’m running out of time! So here’s my question: Do you have any ideas for an off the wall, family photo? Of course, it can’t have some ridiculous budget. It has to be pretty simple and affordable.


So let me have it. Share your suggestions.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

School Daze

This whole design thing makes me dizzy.


This is one little corner in my office. er- Craft room. er- Editing room. er- Multi-purpose, please don’t pile your crap up in here, room. And like every other room, in the entire house, it’s not finished. But I like the direction it’s going. Some wood flooring, chalkboard paint area on the walls, and some vintage art. Sound good? I think it would go well with my desk.


I’m not sure how this school theme came to be? It’s not like I went out and bought all this stuff at once. They’re just odds and ends that I’ve been collecting. But I think it works, since this room is basically an office. Of sorts. Vintage luggage. I have a serious crush it! There are 3 others pieces in this room. Several in the living room. And 2 very tall stacks in the garage. It will all get used!


Note the Design Sponge book. You can pick one up at Amazon or B&N! OR…an iBook from Apple.


We picked these lockers up for 10 bucks. There’s two skinny, side by side pieces, about 5 feet tall. Right now they’re being used to hold craft and office supplies. And of course, Davin loves to pin his pictures and school awards to them with magnets. They look cool. But, I’m finding out they’re not super functional, due to the super slim profile. Future project = locker shelves.


Globes = another addiction. Just like the luggage, I have several. Oh, and old cameras - boxes! Oh, and old typewriters. Oh, and old books. Oh…and, uhh…yeah, I like vintage stuff.


Do any of your rooms have a theme? If so, what kind of theme? If not, would you like them to?

Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Speeds of Aid



Check out this pimp mixer. There is too such a thing. I mean, what’s not to like? It’s shiny. It has buttons. It’s electric. And…it mixes stuff up! This thing is a serious threat to some cookie dough! Believe.



I know. I know. You wanna know where it came from. Right? Well guess what? I won it! Yes. Me! Remember my post about being featured over at My 1929 Charmer? Well, as part of being featured, and partially by default, I won this super sexy, 7 speed, KitchenAid Mixer. Of course, I have to give thanks to Andrea, at Oasis Accents. Technically, she won, but she was co-hosting the giveaway, so she gracefully declined the prize. Leaving me next in line. That’s just like becoming King. Right?


Make sure to stop by both blogs. These ladies, and their blogs are fabulous! Thank you so much Cathy and Andrea!


What do you think about my “Drink Milk” sign back there. Sweet, right? It’s a classic. I’ll share it sometime.



Could you use a new mixer right now? What tasty treats would you use it for?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dressed For A Man

Dress-er-ed-s. Plural. Two dressers.


Pretty sure a guy could place his prized threadz in either one of these. What do you think guys? Oh, that’s right, guys don’t read this. So, ladies, is this a manly set?



Sorry about the poor picture of the low boy. It’s been on the sales floor. Couldn’t get it out to get a good picture.


I think it has it all. Style, grit, and some vintage funk. I think you could use them in a family room too. Or an entry way? Or…or…one in the entry way (the one with that awesome mirror) and the tall boy in a joining room. Of course you could use them in a bedroom. I just didn’t want to tell you what to do. sheesh


Masculine or feminine, Annie Sloan did the job. Both pieces were done in Old White and Paris Gray. And both received clear and dark wax. I didn’t try to hide any imperfections on this thing. I let my brush fly, leaving brush marks everywhere. I love the detail that the wax brings out!



Those. Handles. Look at them! Classy, with a bit of an edge.



The original wasn’t’ bad. Okay, yes it was. But I’ve seen worse! That yellow is just drab. Give me a cup of warm milk and a nap to go with that color please.


But now. Fresh and new. Oh, and they’re sold. The lady that bought them, did so as a set. I hadn’t even started the second one yet. But she didn’t care. She just wanted it to match the low boy. One last view, from above. The wax is actually pretty even on the top. Honest.



Gonna finish this one up with a before and after.






Now, I know this is probably a unique look and style. I just can’t imagine this fitting inside of just anyone’s house. What about you. Could you rock these with your décor? Better yet, could they rock your décor?




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