Friday, October 28, 2011

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Introducing Davin 3000

A robot. I want to be a robot! Okay then. You’re a robot.


I said “of course we can make your costume”. So, he drew up some robot “plans”, and we started constructing. Pop quiz - Who knows how hard it is to actually cut and fit a cardboard box to a 45lb, 6 year old? I DO NOW! holy moly


Costume is finished and my ego is recovering. Stupid box. And yes, he is cute. Thanks. Most of the bits and pieces are from the Dollar Tree. Found the heater vent at Walmart. In the end, it wasn’t the cheapest costume, but it’s definitely one-of-a-kind. And still more affordable than a custom purchased costume.


I cut and glued a large sponge in the top (technically the bottom) of the bucket. Then, I cut the bill off of an old baseball cap and hot glued it to the inside of the bucket. No more bucket falling off his head or covering his eyes. The LED on top of the bucket is a push light. So it actually shines bright. For Halloween, we are going to tape a bunch of (Dollar Tree) glow sticks to his arms and legs with clear tape.

-Supply List-

  • Dollar Tree:
  • Poster Board x4
  • Plastic Tamborine
  • Calculator
  • Bucket
  • Sponge (inside bucket)
  • LED Light (on top of bucket)
  • Plastic iPhone (on back)
  • Plus a couple more odds and ends.
  • Total Cost = $18
  • Walmart:
  • Box 12x12
  • Heater vent hose
  • Duct tape
  • Total Cost = $12
  • Supplies On Hand:
  • Old Hat
  • Felt pads (colored with permanent markers)
  • Spray adhesive

Have you ever made your own Halloween costume? If so, was it harder than you thought?






Aerann said... [Reply]

Love this!

Jake Easley said... [Reply]

@AerannThanks Aerann!! said... [Reply]


Jennifer Eden said... [Reply]

Super awesome-o costume!!! I've never tried to make a costume before... but maybe I will next year!!! I think it would be a fun project to do with my son.

Amy of The Salvage Collection said... [Reply]

okay, now i'm impressed. and you need to tell me about your blog in, is it DIY? i'm clueless in the the html dept so my is dull, flat, common and dopey.

advise. please.


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