Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Blogging - Comments vs. Replies

Do I ask the readers or the bloggers?

Well, I'm gonna ask both. I don't have too many regular readers, so I probably won't get much feedback. But I'm happy with whatever I get.

Readers, when you leave a reply, I always reply via email, not my blog. Unless you ask a question. Why? When I reply via my blog, you may not have it setup to receive a notification. So you'll never know I replied, and therefore, may not bother reading anymore. If you ask a question, I may reply via email and the blog. That way, other readers can see my answer too.

Bloggers, how do you handle comments? I know some of you receive literally hundreds of comments a week. Naturally, you can't reply to all. But it seems most of you also try to respond to questions. Do you worry that if new readers don't see you replying, or thanking your readers for their comments, that they may not follow you?

I know you can't get em all. I'm okay with that. I'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts are. 

Reader or blogger, is there anything you can see that I should be doing differently with my blog? Well, besides posting more frequently :)

side note* I honestly, truly, sincerely appreciate every single comment left!! Each one means the world to me. Thank you all!!!


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said... [Reply]

Hi Jake, I normally go to their blog to leave a comment. If I am way behind in responding to comments I occasionally will use email to respond. I feel if someone has taken the time to read my post and leave a comment that the polite thing to do is reciprocate. Now, after saying that..there are times which I just cannot get back to everyone. I think most readers understand the time restraints and that we all have to put LIFE first. ~ Sherry

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said... [Reply]

hi, i will respond to every comment unless there is no email when i try to respond. i do feel bad when this happens , sometimes i wonder if the blogger realizes you cant write back that they have a noreply email.

Nancy said... [Reply]

Interesting question. I am not a big blogger by any means. I have waffled with blogging for about 5 years now. The first couple of blogs I had mostly only reached my family and/or my students parents so I never had a lot of comments.
As I have grown as a blogger, and just recently, I have realized the power of an audience. But I find it can be hard to find those who want to read what you write about. So when people do leave comments I respond to their comment. I guess it never occurred to me to email the response. I also try to visit their blog and leave a comment in return.
I do appreciate when a blog author acknowledges my comment, regardless of a blog response or an email. I also like looking through the profiles of others who comment and checking out their writing too.
So probably not too helpful!

MarlaJen said... [Reply]

My 2 cents: If I asked a question on someone's blog, I think I'd be checking back from time to time to see if it was answered (if I didn't have it set up to receive a notification via email, which I do). I can't imagine that I'd stop reading a blog or unsuscribe from it in my reader if I didn't get an answer. Does that make sense?
Of course, the blogging I do is very infrequent and only really for a scrapbook of memories, so I may not be a person who should be commenting...

Amy of The Salvage Collection said... [Reply]

i'm an email responder who often wonders if i should be posting it on my blog, esp when it's a question.

since i'm not exactly overwhelmed with comments, i tend to hunt down the blogs of the "no reply" peeps, if possible. i also added a blurb at the bottom of my recent posts along the lines of "if you don't get my reply then check your blogger email".

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