Monday, August 22, 2011

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World Photography Day - The Images

So the day has come and gone. I was really excited about this event! Unfortunately, life happened. Don't get me wrong, I spent the day just hanging out with my son, which is great. But I didn't get to take the photos I wanted.

No big deal. It was a good day. Actually, any day with my little man is a great day! If you caught my post, then - wait. what? You didn't? Well go read it! Anyways, like I said, this wasn't about being the best photographer. Or even about taking your best image ever. It was a day of sharing. People connecting through images from all over the world. I did exactly that. I took pictures of my day. Although limited, I grabbed what I could, when I could.

If you managed to take some pictures during the event, share a link so we can all view them. Hope you enjoy.

always willing to pose for me

i dig abandoned cars

breakfast of champions

i think it was killing him to wait?

finishing up summer homework

the old man - 14!

vintage in our living room

dinner. quick and easy

ended the night with a project


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