Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Work Station From Scratch

Talk about re-purposing!

I'm loving my new work station. It still has [the entire room actually] a long ways to go before it's finished.
But I can finally sit down and edit pictures again. Yep. Edited a session right here, today.

I wanted a work station that was multi-purpose and I could multi-task on. That's why this thing is mondo big. It was a lot of work, but I feel so good about re-purposing this old wood. I wasn't sure I would be able to sand it enough to make it usable. But it worked. It's actually smooth.

Sanding - Yes I sanded. Then I sanded some more. After that, I sanded more. Then I painted. And sanded some more. I have never sanded anything that much. EVER.

Here's how it went down:
I found the wood (mostly) at an old, abandoned house. These behemoth things used to be fence boards! That tells me they're old - old - old! After figuring out which pieces I wanted to use, I put them together, like a puzzle. I used standard 2x4's to reinforce the bottom. Then, I started the whole (curse word) sanding process. After it was all silky smooth - okay - just smooth, I wiped off the dust and it was ready for paint.

I didn't want to lose the age of the wood. So I white green washed it. I just dumped some paint into a bucket, followed by about a cup? No idea really? So, some water. And mixed it all up. Then I just slopped it all over. While sanding and painting, I went with the grain.

Once the paint was dry, I distressed it. Yes. More sanding. Next, I brushed on a couple coats of Minwax, water based Polycrilic. And got it. Sanded again. Nice. And. Smooth. Then I hired a some bodybuilder to help me lug it inside. By hired, I mean free. And by bodybuilder I mean my wife.
We placed on top of these A-MAZ-ING, all metal work horses. I scored these things at a swap meet for $20 for the pair. SCORE!

Now, it's time to decorate. Pictures. Office supplies. Lamps. (I'm a lamp whore) so - Lots of lamps. The floor. Yes, I have to finish the floor :( Window treatment. Furniture.

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Jennie said... [Reply]

Nice! I like it! But if you do that again, you might want to invest in a belt sander to cut down on some the the (curse word) sanding effort. :o)

Jake said... [Reply]

@Jennie You are SO right! I actually meant to write something about small projects and tools. Even though this was a small project, I said "I wish I had a belt sander" about 20 times.

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said... [Reply]

Awesome! I love the rustic look of the wood and Score! on those metal saw horses!

Jake said... [Reply]

@Rachelle @ Adventures in CreatingThank you! They're bigger than I originally wanted, but I did want a big desk/table. So it all worked out :)

Maureen said... [Reply]

That looks awesome. I love the color that you chose.

Jake said... [Reply]

@MaureenThank you, Maureen! I had the Marshmallow White out and ready to go. Then I remembered I had this green. Who knew? :)

Carrie @ lovely etc. said... [Reply]

Looks great. Love the rough wood and rustic, natural shape.

Julia @ 551Eastdesign said... [Reply]

Definitely unique! I never would have thought to put those pieces together and that's what I love about it!

thecraftypepper said... [Reply]

Very cool. I love the tabletop you created.

niartist said... [Reply]

Love how this turned out. BRAVO!

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Stop by and enter ASAP. I'd love to see what you would do with their products! See you soon!


Amy of The Salvage Collection said... [Reply]

i covet. much.


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