Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Hello! And welcome to A to Z Eclectic.

I think every story should start with an introduction. Since this is a new blog, I'll tell you a bit of my story.

My name is Jake. I am the former owner of Around395 Photography. As my business is only recently closed, I'm ready to dive into some new adventures. Don't get me wrong, I love photography, and have no plans on giving it up. I just no longer intend on making it my day to day paycheck.

Just prior to closing, I became really interested in DIYing and remodeling. It's like a new found love! Right now, I feel about it, how I felt about photography when I first jumped in. I've always enjoyed rummaging through old junk. But only recently realized how useful, and cool, some of that old junk can be. And when I say junk, I say it with respect. This stuff has history. And I love a good story.

So, that's where you come in...or rather, the blog, comes in. I'm here to share my journey as a new stay-at-home dad. It will include photography, diy, crafts, tech and regular old family stuff. Yes, tech. Face it, without tech, this wouldn't be possible. I guess I could write it on paper and tape it to the wall of public stalls? Anyways... I wish I had started this blog months ago! I've had so much to share over the last few months. Some of it may resurface here?

By the way, I'm kind of a big sharer shareoholic! If I see something that I think someone else will find interesting, it'll be here. Don't worry about perfect grammar or white collar mannerisms. That doesn't mean it's okay to be rude, just means I want everyone to be comfortable. I tend to write like I talk. I'm also a bit of a smart ass smarty pants. Sarcasm is a staple. As is humor. So get used to it! <---did you catch that? sarcasm :)

I hope you enjoy your time here. Share my blog with your friends if you find something useful. And please, please!!! leave comments. You don't have to know anything about the subject, I just want to know if you find it interesting or useful. Thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you!

Oh yeah, I think this picture will explain a lot....


erinquintana said... [Reply]

nice pic. ;) lol!

Aaron said... [Reply]

Jake, I'd follow you anywhere. You have been a part of our family since we had a family. I have some projects commimg up that I think you might be interested in so I'll let you know about them when I see you again, on second thought I'll just tell you now. The first one is going to be replacing the stepper motors in my dash in the yukon (you may want to know about it since you might have to do it as well in the suburban), and the second one is re-doing a small picnic table for the kids. It's old and had alot of kids sitting at it over the years so it needs help, but will look faboulous when it's done. I'll let you know when the first project begins, and if you want in just let me know. That's all for now my friend, and thanks for being a part of our family! The Perry's.

Jake said... [Reply]

Erin - I'm always good for a my own expense ;)

Perry's - Thank you! If there's ever anything I can lend a hand with, you always know how to get a hold of me.

Jeri said... [Reply]

I am looking forward to reading about your new adventures!!

Jake said... [Reply]

Thanks Jeri!

Stacy said... [Reply]

i hope there's no lead in that paint! :)
fun! can't wait to see what you come up with!

The Kossan Family said... [Reply]

Congrats Jake!! You are incredible talented and I'm sure you will be successful whatever you choose. My husband was a stay at home dad for a while about 8 years ago and it worked well for us. Now we both get to be home with the kids and he works from home - it's awesome!! Your son will never forget this time as long as he lives.

Jake said... [Reply]

Stacy - I think that's where it all started. Not this paint. Lead, childhood?

Melanie - Thank you so much! The time I spend with Davin is priceless! It's harder than most people think. It's easy to just lay around and do a bunch of nothing. But it's harder to be on a schedule when you're always at home, than when you have limited time. There's just too much time to do nothing. But I'm trying and I'm sure I'll figure it out.

MarlaJen said... [Reply]

Hi Jake, I'm glad you have this blog--I'm looking forward to reading it, and adding you to my Google reader.

Maybe I'll get inspired one of these days to get back to blogging--it's been over a year since my last post.

I think it's wonderful that you're staying home w/your son. What priceless wonderful memories he'll have...

Jake said... [Reply]

Hi Marla! Thanks for reading. And yes, blog more! Blogging is so rewarding to me. Frustrating sometimes, when you feel like nobody's reading, because they don't leave comments. But still worth it. I read all types of blogs!

You know, this just feels like the right thing to do? Oh yes...we're suffering financially. But that's not nearly as important as the time we get to spend together. When he's older, I want him to have memories of family and sharing. Not just things. And money only buys things.

Hope you start writing again, soon.

Nicole Richards said... [Reply]

Oh no! I had a biggo long post typed out and for some reason, it didn't take. I'll sum it up by saying that this time in your life will be the most rewarding you've ever spent. I was fortunate enough to stay home with Cole when he was younger and I truly believe that the 24/7 time with him really cemented the trust and respect we have, on both sides, now.

You will succeed, Jake, in whatever you do. No doubts!

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